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Green Bean Coffee

Coffees from Hacienda La Papaya are the result of a meticulous integral process. This starts at the nursery where the best seeds are selected, considering origin and mother plants characteristics.
Suitable techniques are applied in the sowing for the correct plant development by following a Manual of Coffee Process. This ensures an efficient fertilization management throughout the entire farm and maximum control at every stage of the plant’s growth.
We are committed to produce specialty grade coffee by following the highest quality standards of coffee processing. Various controlled fermentation techniques are applied to the best handpicked cherries, ensuring a clean cup and different flavor profiles.
Finally, the drying process takes place inside drying rooms covered with greenhouse plastic film, and curtains on the side which allow efficient airflow, temperature and humidity management.

Experiments and research

Our team is formed by a coffee producer, quality analyst, barista and roaster. Our mission is to find the best suitable methods to produce the highest quality possible.

In order to achieve our objectives, we found ourselves constantly experimenting with new processing and drying techniques that would generate the best flavor profile and a clean cup.
Every year we work on four main experiments.

Coffee Research Department (CRD)

Partnership with the University of Cuenca.
Research areas:

Agricultural Science School

- Drip Irrigation.
- Solid fertilization.
- Liquid fertilization / Drip Fertirrigation.
- Cup flavor profile according to applied fertilizers.
- Production yield according to combined fertilization systems (solid and liquid).

Faculty of Biochemistry

- Drying methods / Quantification of Acids / Carbohydrates / Sugars and Aromatics in: Green Coffee, Roasted, Extracted.
- Combined fertilization / Quantification of Acids / Carbohydrates / Sugars and Aromatics in: Green Coffee, Roasted, Extracted.
- Drying methods / Predominant elements in: Green Coffe, Roasted, Extracted.

Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences

- Structure of companies and business systems. - Marketing for the Plan of Agrotourism and Specialty coffee. - Process Manual for an exporting company.


Process System

Key Factors


- Fully Washed
- Natural

Varieties available

- Typica
- B7 (Hibridación Natural Typica, Pacas, Bourbon Amarillo)

Comming Soon

CROP 2019
CROP 2020

Drying methods

(Method 001) - Airflow 0%

Movement Internal air produced by forced air coming from the fans.

(Method 002) – Airflow 50%

Cold air entry through high window.
Warm air Exit through high window.

(Method 003) – Airflow 100%

Air entry through high window + low window
Air exit through high window + low window
Internal return of air



- Drying bed (High 90cm) exposed to the sun 100%


Each client will have customized treatment. Each client will be able to learn about the production process, Coffee nursery garden, crops at all their ages, its drip irrigation system, pruning, pest and disease managment, harvest,integral coffee process of humid and dry benefit . After the information of the introduction, and operation of the Farm processes, each customer will be able to order the products according to the ordering card.The client will personally elaborate the ferments, and a sample will be sent to Café Imports laboratory for approval. On the other hand, the farm will elaboarte The quantity of ferment the client needs.

To conduct experimental testing of the varieties, altitudinal floors, fertilization, pruning, harvest points, ferment processes, drying types, and all factors involved with the quality of the cup of coffee. This will be done with the help of Coffee Specialists, coffee toasters, coffee tasters, in the farm, in order to get a "Perfect Coffee" to be used in roasting, specialists, and tasting Contests.

To enjoy vacation and do tourism in a magic place, TO LEARN ALL THE PRODUCTION PROCESS OF SPECIALTY COFFEE, to see the workers performing their daily activities, to know how the farm works, and how specialty coffee is obtained in its different processes.To appreciate the social impact it has in the area. Taste the best typical dishes elaborated with organical ingredients of Saraguro region. Music and dance shows, Saraguro indigenous ancestral rituals , fireworks, art and crafts exhibition. City tour to Cuenca which is World Cultural Herritage Place, a city that offers lots of things to the tourists.

Coffee Specialists and/or Coffee Toasters Visit for about one or two weeks.They will be able to do the daily work in the farm. Their schedule will be divided in: nursery garden managment, farming, irrigation, fertilization, pruning, pest and disease managment, harvest, humid and dry benefit, quality control. The Coffee Specialist and/or Coffee toaster will live a great experience living with the farm workers, and learning about the social impact coffee has in our country.

Workshops dictated in the Farm about THE QUALITY IN THE SPECIALTY COFFEE PRODUCTIVE PROCESS , different from other workshops focused in the critical points in quality of different areas, and their influence in the quality of the cup.


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