As a result of our standards and production levels, our coffee is destined for export.
The coffee exported is a green coffee in micro-lots and/or nano-lots, according to the requirements of our customers. The product is sent by air and sea, following the preference of the importer.
Currently, our markets are centred in the USA, South Korea and Denmark. A possible expansion to other countries in the sector is being studied.
We emphasize that thanks to the systematized processes in fertilization, ferments and drying methods used, we are able to transform the same variety of coffee and obtain new flavors and characteristics.



Varieties available

- B7

Comming Soon

CROP 2020

Drying methods

(Method 001) - Airflow 0%

Movement Internal air produced by
forced air coming from the fans.

(Method 002) – Airflow 50%

High Windows Closed 50%
Low Windows Closed 50%
Closed Doors During Day
Closed Doors During Night

(Method 003) – Airflow 100%

High Windows Closed 100%
Low Windows Closed 100%
Closed Doors During Day
Closed Doors During Night

(Method 004) – Airflow 100%

High Windows Open 100%
Low Windows Open 100%
Open Doors During Day
Closed Doors During Night
SHADOW. Black cloth, above
the plastic / Greenhouses



Hacienda La Papaya is located near Saraguro, Province of Loja. Apart from being our productive resource, it is an area destined to the service of our customers.
The Agrotourism activities that are available at Hacienda La Papaya are directed at Experimentation in tourism and Live Tourism.
The Experimentation in tourism focuses on the management of coffee within the environment where it is developed. This experimentation is aimed at:

    • Importers
    • Roasters (Elaborating of experimental micro-lots)
    • Baristas (Demonstration of the process of making coffee for international competitions)

The Live Tourism offers participation in activities related to the processes behind each cup of our Specialty coffee. This service is aimed at:

    • Importers
    • Roasters
    • Baristas
    • Tasters
    • Members of the coffee industry

The experiences obtained in the two agrotourism services are unique in their class. These ones have the support of our collaborators and our business team as well.

Green Coffee microlots  Farm visit by Coffee Shops owners and/or Coffee Roasters.

Each client will have customized treatment. Each client will be able to learn about the production process, Coffee nursery garden, crops at all their ages, its drip irrigation system, pruning, pest and disease managment, harvest,integral coffee process of humid and dry benefit . After the information of the introduction, and operation of the Farm processes, each customer will be able to order the products according to the ordering card.The client will personally elaborate the ferments, and a sample will be sent to the laboratory for approval. On the other hand, the farm will elaborate The quantity of ferment the client needs.

Green Coffee microlots  Farm visit by Coffee specialists and/or Roasters. Coffee praparation for contests.

To conduct experimental testing of the varieties, altitudinal floors, fertilization, pruning, harvest points, ferment processes, drying types, and all factors involved with the quality of the cup of coffee. This will be done with the help of Coffee Specialists, coffee toasters, coffee tasters, in the farm, in order to get a "Perfect Coffee" to be used in roasting, specialists, and tasting Contests.

Visit to the Origin Farm Tourism.

To enjoy vacation and do tourism in a magic place, TO LEARN ALL THE PRODUCTION PROCESS OF SPECIALTY COFFEE, to see the workers performing their daily activities, to know how the farm works, and how specialty coffee is obtained in its different processes.To appreciate the social impact it has in the area. Taste the best typical dishes elaborated with organical ingredients of Saraguro region. Music and dance shows, Saraguro indigenous ancestral rituals , fireworks, art and crafts exhibition. City tour to Cuenca which is World Cultural Herritage Place, a city that offers lots of things to the tourists.

Experiencial Tourism Farm visit by Coffe Specialists and/or Coffee Roasters. One or two weeks experience on daily farm work.

Coffee Specialists and/or Coffee Roasters Visit for about one or two weeks.They will be able to do the daily work in the farm. Their schedule will be divided in: nursery garden managment, farming, irrigation, fertilization, pruning, pest and disease managment, harvest, humid and dry benefit, quality control. The Coffee Specialist and/or Coffee Roaster will live a great experience living with the farm workers, and learning about the social impact coffee has in our country.

Training  "Quality in specialty coffee" Experiencial and practical workshops in the farm.

Workshops dictated in the Farm about THE QUALITY IN THE SPECIALTY COFFEE PRODUCTIVE PROCESS , different from other workshops focused in the critical points in quality of different areas, and their influence in the quality of the cup.