Experiments and research

Our team is formed by a coffee producer, quality analyst, barista and roaster. Our mission is to find the best suitable methods to produce the highest quality possible.

In order to achieve our objectives, we found ourselves constantly experimenting with new processing and drying techniques that would generate the best flavor profile and a clean cup.
Every year we work on four main experiments.

Coffee Research Department (CRD)

Partnership with the University of Cuenca.
Research areas:

Agricultural Science School

- Drip Irrigation.
- Solid fertilization.
- Liquid fertilization / Drip Fertirrigation.
- Cup flavor profile according to applied fertilizers.
- Production yield according to combined fertilization systems (solid and liquid).

Faculty of Biochemistry

- Drying methods / Quantification of Acids / Carbohydrates / Sugars and Aromatics in: Green Coffee, Roasted, Extracted.
- Combined fertilization / Quantification of Acids / Carbohydrates / Sugars and Aromatics in: Green Coffee, Roasted, Extracted.
- Drying methods / Predominant elements in: Green Coffe, Roasted, Extracted.

Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences

- Structure of companies and business systems. - Marketing for the Plan of Agrotourism and Specialty coffee. - Process Manual for an exporting company.



As part of our activities in the research area, we are currently immersed in the development of specialized fertilizers for coffee plants. The results have been highly satisfying, a reason why we are expanding to other fields of application. The fertilizers that we offer are classified by stages in relation to the ages and the cyclic requirements of the plant.
Our fertilizers are technically supported in the development and in the proven results achieved both in the Hacienda La Papaya plants and in the plants located in the lands of our partners. Its main characteristic is to influence the taste of coffee.

Dry benefit

At present we are working on the implementation of a Dry Profit Process Plant. The service is directed at coffee producers in order to facilitate the export process.